4 miles in a changing weather

It's a weird feeling when the weather is beginning to change. It is still plenty cold once the sun sets, but I can tell that the hotter air is coming. It makes me want to run faster despite the night being pitch black.

So I set off at around 7:30 for my 4 miler. Still sore from the hell workout yesterday, and just starting to kick the head cold to the curb. Decided to do my old loop through Verdugo and up and back on Kenneth. Crashed the Verdugo climb and went strong all the way to the Muir Middle school. The downhill on Kenneth was a little slower than usual, mainly because I could see almost nothing and had to run by the edge of the sidewalk dodging occasional cars.

Finished with the 6 sets of strides. Did them with little breaks in between, and after 3-4 of them really started to fell the burn. But it felt to finish strong and even make it home before the kids were in bed! Results are here (run) and here (strides). Onto another set of intervals tomorrow!

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