4 miles after work

Again, planned to run at lunch on the dreadmill, but the work has been insane lately. Came home, and went out for a much needed run to restore sanity. The legs were still feeling tight, and plus the Ford started hurting my right hip again, just like it did last year when I tried to ride in it.

Ran the loop up to Cabrini that I usually do for a 5k run. It was getting pretty cold, and the run back was into a fairly substantial wind. Ran without my water belt, and it seemed to only affect in the last mile - I think that I was getting dehydrated slightly. The streets were empty, and I was able to run in the middle of the 6th street for almost the entire mile.

Did the strides afterwards, but was hurrying home to kiss the kids good night. All in all, a nice brief run. Results here and here.

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