10 miles, 10 min TUT

Had 10-12 miles with 10 minutes total uphill on the schedule for today. There was no way for me to run after work - since I had to pick up my daughter from ballet, and the last meeting on the schedule seemed to be a lock to run well past 6pm. Sure enough it did :).

Got up at 5:30am. It's been a while since I ran this early. Not really a morning person here. Got dressed fairly warmly this time, since it was about 39 degrees outside. Ran the first mile fairly slowly just to see where  I was. I felt a little sluggish - probably still under the weather a bit. Decided to try to maintain about 8:30 min/mile average since I was going to climb a decent amount.

Ran up to Mountain and climbed back to Kenneth. Then up Grandview and back down to Kenneth. Had to pee and found a porta potty on one of the construction lots. Then the last push up Olive all the way to Sunset Canyon. Came back down San Jose and sprinted all the way to Jefferson Elementary. The average came to be at about 8:26, and the sprint back felt pretty close to 80%-85%. Hopefully will full bounce back by the end of the week. Results here.

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