My kind of Christmas

Wifey took the kids to Disneyland today - and that means that I get to work out twice without feeling like a totally unfit parent.

First workout is a 2 x 3 miles, tempo (ie around 7:00 min/mile). Went to Griffith Park and parked at the little steamers parking lot. Ran the back trail along the 134/5 - it forms a nice 3 mile loop if you cut out by the 2nd, which was flooded today anyways. The first loop was a little bit of a struggle, with the temps in the mid 50s. First loop was run at about 7:05 min/mile average. Took 5 mins off after finishing it and took off some outer layers.

The second loop was easier and I was able to maintain a good tempo - closer to 7:01 min/mile. The trail had some massive puddles and on the way back my left shoe ended up being stuck, and I had to pull it. Results here.

Went back home, ate, played with the dog, watched TV, and went out for a 4 mile run with 6x100 strides. First mile felt sluggish,  but then the legs started firing again, and I ended up running a 4 mile loop at about 7:31 average. Results here.

Did 6 100 meter strides after that while listening to the awesome Midnight - Satanic Royalty is very very good. Finished up, got home, showered and the family was back. Yay Christmas!

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