Windy day

A windy day in Burbank, and it just so happened that I had a ride and a track run scheduled. Rode with Dave Rinell and his brother in law from 8am. The route was the essentially La Tuna in reverse, with a small detour through Glendale via Los Feliz. I did the first climb going all out, and the rest of the ride was mellow. The wind was not making it any faster either. Results here.

Got home, and relaxed for a couple of hours. Had some coffee, nuts and a clif bar. Watched a couple of episodes of Falling Skies and headed out to the track.

The program today was a series of 8 short intervals - 4 repeats of 800 meters, followed by 4 more repeats of 400 meters. The average pace was to be about 6 min/mile (or 2:59 for 800 and 1:29 for 400). Without the wind, this is a fairly easy run, but today one side of the track felt like running through butter. I tried alternating running clockwise and counterclockwise, and both directions were about the same - even though the counterclockwise option was a little easier since I was starting the run by cornering into the wind. Ran another 0.75 miles as a warm up/down. Results here.

Now I get to rest til Saturday!

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