Today was a long day. Started off with a 5k in the morning  The temps were in the mid-30s, and me and my kid had to spend about 20 mins just to get warmed up properly. When we got to the parking lot, I've realized that I forgot my running watch. I had to rely on the Strava client for the overall time keeping, but during the run I had to go by my gut. I trailed a track team member that seemed to be going about 6:15 min/mile and drafted off of him up until the last 500 meters. I guessed correctly - finished well under 20 mins, 19:47. It was nice to PR. My son also PR'ed - he finished at 25:30, which was a great accomplishment since he had barely trained at all. Results here and some pics below -

By the way, the course was most trails, and fairly flat. And after the run the organizers were serving home made pancakes and other good stuff, like bananas and oranges and coffee, and even some running nutrition.

Got home and had to make a trip to Costco. Finally freed up at 2pm and decided to do the 12 mile run today since the forecast for tomorrow seemed to be leaning towards more rain.

Did a 12 mile loop through Glendale running down Kenneth to the corner of Glenoaks and Ethel, and back through Glenoaks and the 6th st. The left ankle felt fine (it's been bothering me on and off since September), and it was mainly the fatigue that I had to fight through. The weather was clear and somewhat windy, a little bit on the chilly side. Perfect for running! I grabbed a few packets of Stinger Honey chews during the post 5k feeding session, and during the afternoon run I went through 2/3 of a single packet. The chews tasted and worked great! I definitely them prefer to both the Shot Bloks and the Gu Chomps, even though the former is a very close second. The run pace was pretty mellow since I knew that I was getting close to simply running out of energy. Results here.

Tomorrow I rest!

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